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Bury any past advice that you’ve had and burn (not literally) your generic CVs – it’s time to get savvy and show employers what you’re really made of.

Does this ring any bells?

  • Do you suffer from CV Shame? In fact for some it’s tragic you don’t realise you’ve got it! (you think what you’ve got works) yet in reality is naff and it’s stopping you moving forward!
  • Not getting job offers?
  • Have a bland, boring CV?
  • Have no clue where to start?

How can this help me?

OK, so I can’t guarantee that you will get the job, that takes a bit of charm, poise and brilliance from you, but by using my CV formula – you will get an interview. Imagine having more than one to attend rather than none at all?

What about after that interview process? Well, let’s say you get the job… that means more money, better prospects and the life you’ve always wanted. Not bad for 15 minutes a day of bringing your CV up to scratch…

Think it’s an empty promise? Try it out and see for yourself…



Over 2000 students enrolled, make it your turn today at £39 (approx $57) check out the course reviews on this page!

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This type of shopping can add LITERALLY thousands to your bank account!

How much is a great job worth these days?

Who = YOU!

The graduate who wants to smack themselves awake and get that all important dream job.

Student looking for a job to help earn extra cash,  securing that all important internship or finding relevant work experience to boost your skills.

Students who are seeking an advanced apprenticeship or a place on a school leaver scheme should take on the challenge; getting a placement these days isn’t as easy as it used to be and your CV needs to be snappy and refined to push you to the top.

I can literally help you stop stressing & pulling your hair out, check out why... oh and did I mention it takes max 15 mins per day!

Working out your best bits, and less on those weak spots.  Getting a sense of what you've done (and trust me you have) So if your suffering from 'mind blank' Day 1 is great because I'll give you some prompts to make you see the BIG PICTURE to get your CV from just ok average to OMG amazing.
As a careers adviser I have seen hundreds of cv/resumes.  I know the mistakes your going to make before you make them.  Let's make sure this is not you.  I help you define that 'all important' personal statement to get employers wanting to find out more about you.  Come on seriously this is kinda of make or break.  If this bit is not targeted why would they want to read more?
I show you how to get that CV so tailored to the job in mind that the only trouble you'll be having is which interview to attend! Yes, this is possible and I show you how and a savvy way to know what they want from you!
You know the phrase you look good you feel good, well this kinda of applies your CV as well.  Today is all about how to make it look the part and I will show a number of ways it's possible.  All you've got to decide is which is best for you!
Whatever you've done so far whether full time work, part-time, work experience or maybe you've not yet had that opportunity yet and that's why your creating you CV.  Don't worry whatever stage your at  I can sell YOU.
Think hobbies and interests! I hate to admit this but I love cowboy films and err Twilight if I decide to include this in my CV, I can probably guarantee it will hit the bin! I'll teach you how to let your personality shine without losing that all important job.
I will show you how to join your CV together to make an impact it will guarantee you'll hit that short list pile. As well as a little extra in terms of how to nail that job, I'll you teach you strategies to get that CV opening doors for you.
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Check out the course reviews!

As well as 3 added Bonuses...

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Included in the 7 Day CV Challenge is your own Creative CV template which you can amend and tweak in Word, so no fancy IT software required.

Free 4 Video Linkedin Training to get your LinkedIn profile working 24/7 as don't forget this is also part of the employer toolkit as well!

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No 3

Join and get expert advice and support to get your CV A* and get your questions answered in a private Facebook group.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside, I'm Susan Burke.  I get it you have a "Life" this has been designed to be concise & get you "Noticed" in order to get "Hired"...




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Over 2000 students enrolled, sign up now £39 ($57)...

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